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The Chance To Fight is A Privilege

And You're Worth The Fight

What's keeping you from having an authentic relationship with God and others? 

Who Are You Famous Warrior?

Who are you as a parent, a single young adult or a leader in your sphere of influence? What about in meetings, as a business person, in board rooms, at school, out with friends, on a date, in your marriage, when you sing, write, create, and organise?

What’s holding you back? Is it rejection, fear, low self-worth, betrayal, misplaced identity, poor self-talk, inadequacy, hurtful words of others over you, past failure, self-doubt, rejection, embarrassment, pride, peer pressure, seeking approval from others or a lack of understanding?

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You're Worth The Fight

You're worth the fight is more than just a journal; it's your companion on the path to a deeper connection with God our father. It's a reminder that with faith in God, every battle is winnable and a challenge to live with renewed faith in the knowledge that you are worth the fight.




The Famous Warrior Community has been a source of wisdom, spiritual understanding, relationship coaching and business mentorship. Every Monday morning devotional has brought me closer to God and closer to my loved ones.



When I came across Famous Warrior content in 2023, I was glued to the channel and I was  like, “Yes, I’ve finally found a Christian Channel that brings people we don’t often hear from to share different aspects of life.” Listening to other people’s stories has helped me see the bigger picture of life and how ever-present God is in our lives. As a single person, I have learnt so much about marriage from the couples who have openly shared their marriage experiences.


Court Reporter

The Famous Warrior Community has indeed led to my significant personal growth. The insights, personal experiences and advice shared inspire me to push beyond my comfort zone, embrace challenges, and cultivate resilience. By adopting a winning mindset and incorporating the lessons into my life, I have developed a stronger sense of determination, discipline, and self-awareness. Louise’s teachings resonate with my own experiences and values, and I actively apply them in my personal growth.